‘Beyond globalisation in contemporary art history: learning from the transnational Caribbean’

Wainwright, Leon (2012). ‘Beyond globalisation in contemporary art history: learning from the transnational Caribbean’. In: ter Horst, Mariska ed. Changing Perspectives: Dealing with Globalisation in the Presentation and Collection of Contemporary Art. Amsterdam: The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam, pp. 204–212.

URL: http://www.kitpublishers.nl/-/33739/KIT-Publishers...


Globalisation has hit the art world as well as the economy and has changed perspectives up and down the line: artists, art markets, museums, academics, art critics and curators are being forced to revise their thinking and practice. Institutions for art, culture and history are in search of new ways to maintain their relevance in rapidly transforming and increasingly, culturally diverse societies. These issues form the subject of the essays in this volume. It departs from the conference 'Collecting Without Borders' (2009) - itself a product of collaboration among various institutions in the Netherlands - and focuses on Dutch museums. However, the questions and ideas posed in this book have bearing on similar developments in other Western countries, where institutions are likewise struggling to deal with changing situations. Changing Perspectives, with critical essays by experts from various disciplines, hopes to inspire the reader to develop his own position in the discourse on global art.

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