The emotions and ethnicity in the Indo-Caribbean

Wainwright, Leon (2012). The emotions and ethnicity in the Indo-Caribbean. In: Svašek, Maruška ed. Moving Subjects, Moving Objects: Transnationalism, Cultural Production and Emotions. Berghahn, pp. 222–244.



About the book:
Most theories of material culture, transnationalism, and globalization have failed to incorporate a focus on emotions even though an increasing number of scholars in recent years have explored emotion-dense processes. This book fills the gap and examines how "emotions" can be theorized and serve as a useful analytical tool for understanding the interrelated mobility of humans, objects, and images. Through diverse, ethnographically rich and theoretically grounded case studies, these chapters offer new perspectives that relate migration, material culture, and emotions by addressing: the ways in which migrants and migrant artists express their emotions through objects and images in transnational contexts; the ways in which particular works of art, everyday objects, and artifacts evoke specific feelings in migrants and members of migrant communities; and the ways in which artists, academics, and policy makers may stimulate positive interaction between migrants and members of local communities.

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