Me and ME: therapeutic landscapes in an unfamiliar world

MacKian, Sara (2011). Me and ME: therapeutic landscapes in an unfamiliar world. In: Lloyd, Cathy and Heller, Tom eds. Long-term Conditions: challenges in health and social care. London: Sage.



This chapter, based on on-going research, explores the shifting worlds of long-term illness and the emergent landscapes, for people living with ME. There has been previous research on patient's constructions of ME (Guise et al., 2007), and their beliefs about the causes of their condition (Clements et al, 1997), but here I shift the emphasis and focus not on the construction of ME itself, but on the construction of the worlds people live in when living with ME. The landscapes that individuals experience, either physically or mentally, have a profound influence on their overall health and well-being (Williams, 1998: 1199), and there is therefore merit in exploring them as a possible means of developing supportive care environments for those living with long-term debilitating conditions.

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