Chapman, David and Ramage, Magnus (2011). Conclusion. In: Ramage, Magnus and Chapman, David eds. Perspectives on Information. Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science. New York: Routledge, pp. 154–159.



Hans Christian von Baeyer described ‘information’ as the new language of science (Von Baeyer, 2003). That idea is witnessed by Chapter 10 of this book, where Nixon has discussed some ways in which quantum mechanics brushes up against information concepts. The language of information is used increasingly in fields outside science, however, and other chapters of this book have explored a number of them. There is today a research effort directed at deriving a unified theory of information (see, for example, Hofkirchner, 2010) but this book has no such ambition. Our aims in this book are somewhat more modest: our goal is to share insights between disciplines in the hope of learning from one another so that we can speak the language of information more fluently.

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