Brethren in Christ. A Calvinist Network in Reformation Europe

Grell, Ole Peter (2011). Brethren in Christ. A Calvinist Network in Reformation Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.



A groundbreaking study of the migration of Calvinist refugees in Europe during the Reformation, across a century of persecution, exile and minority existence. The book follows the fortunes of some of the earliest families, forced to flee from the Tuscan city of Lucca during the 1560s, through their journey to France during the Wars of Religion to the St Bartholomew Massace and their search for refuge in Sedan. The book traces the lives of tese interconnected families over three generations as they settled in European cities from geneva to London, marrying into the diaspora of Reformed merchants. Based on a potent combination of religion, commerce and family networks, these often wealthy merchants were amongst the most successful of early modern capitalists. The book shows how this interconnected network, reinforced through marriage and enterprise, forged the backbone of international Calvinism in reformation Europe.

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