Psychology without Foundations: History, Philosophy and Psychosocial Theory

Brown, Steve D. and Stenner, Paul (2009). Psychology without Foundations: History, Philosophy and Psychosocial Theory. London: Sage Publications.



For many years, for many people social psychology has been deemed a discipline in crisis.

This new book proposes a way out of the crisis by letting go of the idea that psychology needs new foundations or a new identity, whether biological, discursive or cognitive. The psychological is not narrowly confined to any one aspect of human experience; it is quite literally everywhere.

The book proposes a strong process-oriented approach to the psychological, which studies events or occasions. Aspects of experience such as communication or embodiment are treated as thoroughly mediated - the product of multiple intersecting relationships between the biological, the psychic and the social. The outcome is an image of a mobile, reflexively founded discipline which follows the psychological wherever it takes us, from the depths of embodiment to the complexities of modern global politics.

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