Community care and support for Black and African Caribbean older people

Tetley, Josie (2011). Community care and support for Black and African Caribbean older people. In: Katz, Jeanne; Peace, Sheila and Spurr, Sue eds. Adult lives: A life course perspective. Policy Press/Open University, pp. 173–184.



As a multicultural society, the UK is ageing across all ethnic groups (Toofany, 2006). However, population data identifies that in terms of ethnicity and ageing, nearly 18 per cent of White British are aged 65 but that other minority ethnic groups have younger populations (Lievesley, 2010). Moreover, current generations of older people from minority ethnic populations are most commonly first generation migrants who primarily came from the Caribbean in the 1950s and 1960s, followed by a slightly later arrival of people from India and Pakistan. It was not until the 1980s that people from Bangladesh and China (Hong Kong) migrated, followed later by refugees and asylum seekers from a wider range of nations.This historical context is important as specific age-related data for minority ethnic populations illustrates that the Black Caribbean population for people aged over 65 is 13.4 per cent (ONS, 2008) and is the closest to White British in this respect (see Figure 17.1), thus demonstrating that migration history shapes the age structure of the ethnic population (Lievesley, 2010).

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