The epidemiology of depression and diabetes

Lloyd, Cathy E.; Hermanns, Norbert; Nouwen, Arie; Pouwer, Frans; Underwood, Leigh and Winkley, Kirsty (2010). The epidemiology of depression and diabetes. In: Katon, Wayne; Maj, Mario and Sartorius, Norman eds. Depression and Diabetes. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & sons, 1- 27.



In recent years there has been a heightened interest in the psychological well-being of people with diabetes. Current epidemiological evidence suggests that at least one third of them suffer from clinically relevant depressive disorders. Furthermore, people with depressive disorders have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Indeed, the prognosis of both diabetes and depression - in terms of severity of disease, complications, treatment resistance and mortality - as well as the costs to both the individual and society is worse for either disease when they are comorbid than it is when they occur separately. However, in spite of the huge impact of comorbid depression and diabetes on the individual and its importance as public health problem, questions still remain as to the nature of the relationship, its causes and consequences, as well as potential ways of preventing and treating these two conditions. This chapter aims to outline the epidemiological evidence as it stands, as well as point the way for future research in this area.

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