The Chandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer (CLASS)

Radhakrishna, V.; Narendranath, S.; Tyagi, A.; Bug, M.; Unnikrishnan, U.; Kulkarni, R.; Sreekantha, C. V.; Kumar; Balaji, G.; Athiray, P.S.; Sudhakar, M.; Manoj, R.; Chetty, S. V.; Thyagaraj, M. R.; Howe, C.; Gow, J. and Sreekumar, P. (2011). The Chandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer (CLASS). In: 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 7-11 Mar 2011, Houston, TX, USA.



The CLASS experiment on Chandrayaan-2, the second Indian lunar mission, aims tomap the abundance of the major rock forming elements on the lunar surface using the technique of X-ray fluorescence during solar flare events. CLASS is a continuation of the successful C1XS [1] XRF experiment on Chandrayaan-1. CLASS is designed to provide lunar mapping of elemental abundances with a nominal spatial resolution of 25 km (FWHM) from a 200 km polar, circular orbit of Chandrayaan-2.

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