Introduction to location-based mobile learning

Brown, Elizabeth (2010). Introduction to location-based mobile learning. In: Brown, E. ed. Education in the wild: contextual and location-based mobile learning in action. A report from the STELLAR Alpine Rendez-Vous workshop series. STELLAR Alpine Rendez-Vous workshop. Nottingham, UK: Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham, pp. 7–9.



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The report follows on from a 2-day workshop funded by the STELLAR Network of Excellence as part of their 2009 Alpine Rendez-Vous workshop series and is edited by Elizabeth Brown with a foreword from Mike Sharples. Contributors have provided examples of innovative and exciting research projects and practical applications for mobile learning in a location-sensitive setting, including the sharing of good practice and the key findings that have resulted from this work. There is also a debate about whether location-based and contextual learning results in shallower learning strategies and a section detailing the future challenges for location-based learning.

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