E-Learning and support tools for Information and Computer Sciences

Wilson, Tina and Ferreira, Giselle (2011). E-Learning and support tools for Information and Computer Sciences. In: 7th China – Europe International Symposium on Software Industry Orientated Education, 23-24 May 2011, University of Northampton.

URL: http://www.computing.northampton.ac.uk/~landt/Day1...


The availability of Web 2.0 tools together with associated Open Educational Resources (OER) enables the creation of new social and collaborative learning spaces. This paper investigates student preferences (across three cohorts) in terms of openly and freely accessible Web 2.0 tools to provide a space where students can interact with each other and their tutor to discuss concerns that arise within their final year project-based learning. This intervention was planned since existing arrangements that support communication between tutor and distance learning students appeared insufficient to facilitate the necessarily intense episodes of interaction required for productive supervision. The findings suggest that different student cohorts are interested in using a variety of Web 2.0 tools. This paper gives initial feedback about intended usage of Web 2.0 tools for co-operative and collaborative learning for final year project work.

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