Levels of organisation in ontology verbalisation

Williams, Sandra; Third, Allan and Power, Richard (2011). Levels of organisation in ontology verbalisation. In: 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, 28-30 Sep 2011, Nancy, France.

URL: http://mcs.open.ac.uk/sw6629/Publications/Williams...


The SWAT TOOLS ontology verbaliser generates a hierarchically organised hypertext designed for easy comprehension and navigation. The document structure, inspired by encyclopedias and glossaries, is organised at a number of levels. At the top level, a heading is generated for every concept in the ontology; at the next level, each entry is subdivided into logically-based headings like ‘Definition’ and ‘Examples’; at the next, sentences are aggregated when they have parts in common; at the lowest level, phrases are hyperlinked to concept headings. One consequence of this organisation is that some statements are repeated because they are relevant to more than one entry; this means that the text is longer than one in which statements are simply listed. This trade-off between organisation and brevity is investigated in a user study.

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