Collaborative semantic web browsing with Magpie

Domingue, John; Dzbor, Martin and Motta, Enrico (2004). Collaborative semantic web browsing with Magpie. In: Proceedings 1st European Semantic Web Symposium (ESWS), 10-12 May 2004, Heraklion, Greece.



Web browsing is often a collaborative activity. Users involved in a joint information gathering exercise will wish to share knowledge about the web pages visited and the contents found. Magpie is a suite of tools supporting the interpretation of web pages and semantically enriched web browsing. By automatically associating an ontology-based semantic layer to web resources, Magpie allows relevant services to be invoked as well as remotely triggered within a standard web browser. In this paper we describe how Magpie trigger services can provide semantic support to collaborative browsing activities.

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