Design as interactions of problem framing and problem solving

Dzbor, Martin and Zdrahal, Zdenek (2002). Design as interactions of problem framing and problem solving. In: Proceedings 15th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), 21-26 Jul 2002, Lyon, France.



This paper introduces a model of framing in design. The model takes into account a reflective nature of designing, and it is based on the interplay between two conceptually distinct knowledge sources – an explicit specification of a problem and a solution to it. The approach is novel in the former investigated aspect that is presented as a semi-formal operation of framing, i.e. interpretation of a problem using selected conceptual primitives. We argue that the interpretation of design problems lacks a similar rigorous investigation as problem solving received in both design theory and methodology. Furthermore, two design schemas of frame refinement and problem re-framing are discussed and exemplified.

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