Design guidelines for B2C e-commerce in virtual worlds

Tran, Minh and Minocha, Shailey (2011). Design guidelines for B2C e-commerce in virtual worlds. In: 25th BCS Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 4 Jul 2011, Newcastle Upon Tyne.



Virtual worlds are three-dimensional (3D) persistent multi-user online environments in which users interact through avatars. Virtual worlds support many kinds of activities, including education, socialising, gaming and e-commerce. Our research focuses on how virtual worlds can be used to facilitate business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce involving real items. Examples of affordances of virtual worlds for e-commerce include 3D simulations, multi-user environments and avatar-based interactions. We have conducted empirical research to gather data about consumers’ experiences in virtual worlds to understand ways to utilise their affordances for B2C e-commerce. Based on our empirical research and a literature review, we have derived design guidelines for the design and evaluation of B2C e-commerce environments involving virtual worlds. This poster presents a summary of the research project and a subset of the guidelines.

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