IT and English teaching: example from Bangladesh

Power, Tom (2011). IT and English teaching: example from Bangladesh. In: International Conference on Improving the Quality of Secondary Education, 10-12 May 2011, New Delhi, India.


This session will discuss three aspects of the use of ICT in improving classroom instruction, a framework for e‐learning platforms and use of technology to establish school based computerized management information system (MIS). The aim is to unpack the challenges and promise of large‐ scale use of ICT in education.

ICT is becoming a core tool of business in India, even in small and medium sized enterprises. This trend is expected to accelerate over time. Young people joining the labour market should therefore expect to be able to use a computer; and not just for basic computer tasks, but as a tool to enhance productivity of work activities. Beyond this, however, there is much hope that computers can transform the education process and through transformation improve student learning outcomes and reach previously‐excluded populations.

Educational planners face difficulties in pursuing investments in ICT. The research on learning impact is scarce, and provides contradictory conclusions as to whether there is a positive impact. There is very little guidance on how to scale up to the system level successful small scale interventions or pilots. The majority of the research to date has been conducted in high‐income countries. The technology changes faster than institutions, so there is a risk of out‐ of‐date implementation. Teachers remain central to the effectiveness of ICT use in the classroom, but usually have only weak skills.

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