Proceedings of IUI'03 2003 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Miami, Florida, USA

Johnson, W. Lewis; André, Elisabeth and Domingue, John eds. (2003). Proceedings of IUI'03 2003 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Miami, Florida, USA. New York: ACM Press.



Intelligent user interfaces mediate between person and machine to increase the ease and effectiveness of user interactions. Research in intelligent user interfaces draws on areas such as artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction to study methods for supporting varied users for a wide range of tasks, task environments, platforms, and interaction paradigms.

The IUI conference is the annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community, and serves as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development in intelligent user interfaces.

IUI'03, the Seventh IUI, was held at The Palms South Beach hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, from January 12-15, 2003. A special theme of the conference was highlighting interfaces whose focus goes beyond rational "intelligence" to address psychological concerns such as emotion, personality, and motivation.

IUI'03 solicited submissions in three categories, long papers, describing mature work; short papers, describing work in progress, and brief abstracts of system demonstrations.

The conference received 134 submissions, an all-time record, including 80 long papers and 49 short papers. Based on rigorous review by an international program committee, 28 papers were selected for oral presentation, with 45 additional submissions featured as posters and demonstrations.

Oral presentations spanned the areas of adaptive and collaborative interfaces, affective interfaces, agent-based interfaces, knowledge acquisition and visualization, model-based interface design, multimodal input, and natural language interfaces.

The conference program highlighted three invited talks: Daniel Weld presented "What Users Want," Hiroshi Ishii presented "Tangible Bits: Designing the Seamless Interface between People, Bits, and Atoms," and Allen Gorin presented "Semantic Information Processing of Spoken Language in 'How May I Help You?'"(sm).

The panel "A Life without Friction: Tales from the InfoLab", chaired by Kristian Hammond and Larry Birnbaum, gave an in-depth view of IUI research at the Intelligent Information Laboratory of Northwestern University, and the panel "XML: The Lingua Franca of IUIs?", chaired by Angel Puerta, examined the role of standardization of interoperation and data interchange in the IUI software industry.

The conference opened with two tutorials, "Intelligent User Interfaces: An Introduction", by Mark Maybury, and "Recommender Systems: Interfaces and Technology", by John Riedl and Joseph Konstan

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