Capturing emerging relations between schema ontologies on the Web of Data

Nikolov, Andriy and Motta, Enrico (2010). Capturing emerging relations between schema ontologies on the Web of Data. In: COLD-2010 Consuming Linked Data at The 9th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2010), 7-11 Nov 2010, Shanghai, China.



Semantic heterogeneity caused by the use of different ontologies to describe the same topics represents an obstacle for many data integration tasks on the Web of Data, in particular, discovering relevant repositories for interlinking and comparing repositories with respect to the coverage of specific domains. To facilitate these tasks, mappings between schema terms are needed alongside the links between instances. Currently, explicitly specified schema-level mappings are scarce in comparison with instance-level links. However, by analysing existing instance-level links it is possible to capture correspondences between classes to which these instances belong. In our experiments, we applied this approach on a large scale to generate schema-level mappings between several Linked Data repositories. The results of these experiments provide some interesting insights about the use of ontologies on the Web of Data and schema-level relations which emerge from existing data-level interlinks.

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