Contemporary Celtic spirituality

Bowman, Marion (2002). Contemporary Celtic spirituality. In: Pearson, Joanne ed. Belief beyond boundaries: Wicca, Celtic spirituality and the New Age. Religion today: tradition, modernity and change (5). Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, pp. 55–101.



This chapter explores the phenomenon of contemporary Celtic spirituality, to examine why people are turning to the Celts and the Celtic past for spiritual inspiration, and to demonstrate how varied and complex this phenomenon is. In order to contextualize the different images of ‘Celticity’ which are evolving in the contemporary spiritual milieu, it looks at ways in which understandings of the terms ‘Celt’ and ‘Celtic’ have changed over time, from appellations based on archaeological, linguistic, geographical or ethnic criteria to the rise of the idea of ‘Celticity’ as a quality to be acquired and aspired to in a variety of ways for spiritual ends.

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