Mutual ground: post-empire canons of art in Britain and the Caribbean

Wainwright, Leon (2009). Mutual ground: post-empire canons of art in Britain and the Caribbean. In: Rahim, Jennifer and Lalla, Barbara eds. Beyond Borders: Cross-Culturalism and the Caribbean Canon. Mona, Kingston, Jamaica: University of the West Indies Press, pp. 116–148.


About the book:
Beyond Borders is a multidisciplinary collection of essays with a focus on contemporary issues in Caribbean cultural studies. Culture and cultural identification are without a doubt highly charged political Goliaths with local and global ramifications. As a result, there is a growing demand for information in the field for both research and teaching purposes. The essays in this collection explore cross-cultural themes and issues across a range of disciplines that include literature, language, education, history and popular culture.
The issues of cultural survival and negotiation, with which most of these essays deal, serve to foreground a history of domination, resistance and marvellous transformations within and beyond the borders of this archipelago. It is no longer possible to pass culture off as simply a matter of commonalities, interests and values, as if politics and power were innocent of influencing what gets defined and
consumed as culture. Beyond Borders offers a forum for contemporary debates on Caribbean culture in its ongoing process of evolution.

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