Using a virtual world for teaching the motion of projectiles

Lucas, Robert (2011). Using a virtual world for teaching the motion of projectiles. In: Norton, Andrew ed. Electronic Resources for Teaching and Learning. Milton Keynes: The Open University, pp. 40–43.


This project was developed as a demonstrator for the E-Learning in Physical Science for Sport (ELPS) [1]. Its purpose is to demonstrate the sort of application that can be developed to support Physics teaching using examples from sport. The idea was to develop an application that was more like a piece of kit that could be used in a variety of ways, rather than a multimedia title that you access in a linear way and is restricted to teaching exactly the material that it covers. The students could explore the application and perform a variety of experiments. To an extent the application was to be open-ended in that worksheets could be provided and used alongside the application at any point without the need for the application to be changed. In this way it was to be analogous to actually having a bow and arrow and being able to use it to perform a variety of experiments.

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