Is On-Line education the future for universities?

Robinson, David J. and Ikeda, Terumasa (2002). Is On-Line education the future for universities? Nagoya Journal of Higher Education, 2 pp. 131–145.



The growth in access to the Internet and to electronic resources in general has changed higher education. Not only has it changed not only the student experience but appears to offer for the future a new
environment for learning. Students could, potentially, study for a degree anywhere in the world and study without leaving their homes. There are profound implications in this for higher education: there are advantages and there are risks. In this paper we look at the potential of On-Line education and assess the benefits and risks for both the distance education and conventional university sectors. We consider the financial implications for students and for universities and assess the access issues that are raised by the use of On-Line teaching.
Finally, we consider the implications of globalisation of Higher Education. We conclude that the developments in technology are a powerful driver for the development of On-Line education and that On-Line has a role to play but we express doubts about the wisdom of planning for the complete presentation of entire degree programmes

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