Transformational technologies: exploring myths and realities

Kirkwood, Adrian (2011). Transformational technologies: exploring myths and realities. In: Burge, Elizabeth; Campbell Gibson, Chère and Gibson, Terry eds. Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice: Notes from the Trenches of Distance Education. Issues in Distance Education. Edmonton, AB: AU Press, Athabasca University, pp. 285–297.



In this chapter I examine some of the myths and realities associated with greater use of ICT for learning, teaching and administration in higher and distance education. I suggest that increased flexibility in certain aspects of the educational process might be counter-balanced by decreased flexibility in other aspects. I argue that the adoption of technology is very unlikely in itself to result in greater flexibility for learners and/or for teachers. Ongoing debates about the potential for technologies to transform educational institutions can divert attention away from the pervasive structural and systemic constraints and imperatives that determine or limit many aspects of educational practice.

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