Themes iconographiques et sources

Woods, Kim W. (2005). Themes iconographiques et sources. In: D'Hainaut-Zveny, Brigitte and Schmitt, Jean-Claude eds. Miroirs du Sacre: les retables sculptes a Bruxelles XVe - XVIe Siecles. Brussels: CFC-Editions, pp. 77–93.



Book description: The carved retables of furnace bridge, receptacles of golds and images, played an essential part in the civilization of the Average late Age. The present synthesis intends to restore its importance with the production of Brussels, approached in its history, its conditions for implementation and production, its choices formal and iconographic like in its ritual and dévotionnelles functions. Falling under a prospect for anthropology historical, this multi-field study reinstates, and it is there one of the originalities of its step, our knowledge of these tables of furnace bridge in the context of the religious practices which caused their creation and defined their statute, new, “of space of communication with crowned”. Some from the best Belgian specialists and abroad gathered here, under the direction of Brigitte D' Hainaut-Zveny, to offer to the readers, who they are scientists or art lovers, a reference work, richly illustrated and together with a detailed catalogue.

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