Contemporary Narrative: Textual Production, Multimodality and Multiliteracies

Doloughan, Fiona (2011). Contemporary Narrative: Textual Production, Multimodality and Multiliteracies. London and New York: Continuum.



Contemporary Narrative introduces key issues and trends in contemporary narrative studies. Taking a case study approach, it traces key narrative developments in the context of a range of theoretical approaches, including multimodality, multilingualism and transliteracy. It offers students of contemporary narrative an overview of the way in which twenty-first century narratives are constructed and the extent to which their construction depends on a range of social, cultural, linguistic and technological factors as well as on individual creativity and expressivity. The book brings together insights from narratology, semiotics, linguistics and translation studies and applies them to the issues raised by contemporary literary and cultural texts, particularly in relation to processes of adaptation, translation and transformation across modes and media. Highlighting the key features of contemporary narrative from a critical and analytic perspective, it also explores the close relationships between reading and writing and the critical and creative dimensions of text to reveal the creativity at work in a range of innovative contemporary narratives.

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