Contentious, dynamic, multimodal domains and ontologies?

Buckingham Shum, Simon (2004). Contentious, dynamic, multimodal domains and ontologies? IEEE Intelligent Systems, 19(1) pp. 80–81.



In the spirit of this collection of essays, I adopt a contentious stance to make my point. I focus on arguably the most controversial application proposed for the Semantic Web—namely, knowledge management in organizations. (The fact that it’s not always seen as controversial demonstrates that all is not well). Now that KM has begun to mature, those who didn’t see through the technocentric hype in the early days are rapidly realizing what others sought to emphasize above the roar of computing vendors and AI researchers revving their engines: the dominant metaphor in much real-world knowledge work is not the abstracted, indexed, textual knowledge object, but rather the situated, embodied sensemaking process.

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