Ginga and ROSAT observations of AO Psc and V1223 Sgr

Taylor, P.; Norton, A. J. and Beardmore, A. P. (1996). Ginga and ROSAT observations of AO Psc and V1223 Sgr. In: International Conference on X-ray Astronomy and Astrophysics: Röntgenstrahlung from the Universe,, 1995 Sep 25-29, Wurzburg, Germany.



The authors present results from observations of the intermediate polars, AO Psc and V1223 Sgr. There are four observations in total, two of each source, one by the ROSAT HRI in the energy band ≡0.5-2.0 keV, and one by the Ginga LAC, in the energy range ≡2-20 keV. Both sources show sinusoidal modulation at the white dwarf spin period in all energy bands. The observations of AO Psc show a modulation at the orbital period, with a dip at orbital phase ≡0.5-0.8, whereas those of V1223 Sgr show little modulation at its orbital period. There are however short dips at around orbital phase 0.8, though these are intermittent and vary slightly in duration, and orbital phase at commencement.

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