The quest for information retrieval on the semantic web

Vallet-Weadon, David; Fernández-Sánchez, Miriam and Castells-Azpilicueta, Pablo (2005). The quest for information retrieval on the semantic web. UPGRADE: The European Journal for the Informatics Professional, 2005(6) pp. 19–23.



Semantic search has been one of the motivations of the Semantic Web since it was envisioned. We propose a model for the exploitation of ontology-based KBs to improve search over large document repositories. The retrieval model is based on an adaptation of the classic vector-space model, including an annotation weighting algorithm, and a ranking algorithm. Semantic search is combined with keyword-based search to achieve tolerance to KB incompleteness. Our proposal has been tested on corpora of significant size, showing promising results with respect to keyword-based search, and providing ground for further analysis and research.

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