CORE: a tool for collaborative ontology reuse and evaluation

Fernandez, Miriam; Cantador, Iván and Castells, Pablo (2006). CORE: a tool for collaborative ontology reuse and evaluation. In: 4th International Workshop on Evaluation of Ontologies for the Web (EON 2006), 23-26 May 2006, Edinburgh, UK.



Ontology evaluation can be defined as assessing the quality and the adequacy of an ontology for being used in a specific context, for a specific goal. In this work, a tool for Collaborative Ontology Reuse and Evaluation (CORE) is presented. The system receives an informal description of a semantic domain and determines which ontologies, from an ontology repository, are the most appropriate to describe the given domain. For this task, the environment is divided into three main modules. The first component receives the problem description represented as a set of terms and allows the user to refine and enlarge it using WordNet. The second module applies multiple automatic criteria to evaluate the ontologies of the repository and determine which ones fit best the problem description. A ranked list of ontologies is returned for each criterion, and the lists are combined by means of rank fusion techniques that combine the selected criteria. A third component of the system uses manual user evaluations of the ontologies in order to incorporate a human, collaborative assessment of the quality of ontologies.

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