Knowledge support of simulation model reuse

Valášek, M.; Steinbauer, P.; Šika, Z. and Zdrahal, Z. (2004). Knowledge support of simulation model reuse. Acta Polytechnica, 44(2) pp. 39–46.



This describes the knowledge support for engineering design based on virtual modelling and simulation. These are the results of the EC Clockwork project. A typical and important step in the development of a simulation model is the phase of reusing. Virtual modelling and simulation often use the components of previous models. The usual problem is that the only remaining part of the previous simulation models is the model itself. However, a large amount of knowledge and intermediate models have been used, developed and then lost. A special methodology and special tools have therefore been developed on support of storing, retrieving and reusing the knowledge from previous simulation models. The knowledge support includes informal knowledge, formal knowledge and intermediate engineering models. This paper describes the overall methodology and tools, using the example of developing a simulation model of Trijoint, a new machine tool.

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