The European Language Proficiency Survey: an overview of findings

Coleman, James A. (2002). The European Language Proficiency Survey: an overview of findings. In: Coleman, James A.; Grotjahn, Rudiger and Raatz, Ulrich eds. University language learning and the C-Test. Bochum, Germany: AKS-Verlag, pp. 201–206.



About the book: This book contains 12 contributions on questions of learning, instruction and testing foreign languages in universities, by well-known authors including, among others, Alderson, Coleman, Grotjahn, Klein-Braley, Little, Raatz, Singleton and Skahan. In particular the general bases of the language testing and theory and practice of the C-test are represented and interesting results from the extensive European Language Proficiency Survey are covered. Contents: Introduction to language testing and to C-Tests - Ulrich Raatz and Christine Klein-Braley. C-Tests: an overview - Rüdiger Grotjahn, Christine Klein-Braley, Ulrich Raatz. C-Tests and language processing - Rüdiger Grotjahn and Brigitte Stemmer. Psycho-linguistics of C-Test taking - Christine Klein-Braley. The C-Test and L2 acquisition/processing research David Singleton and Emer Singleton. C-Tests and intelligence Ulrich Raatz. The development of a Turkish C-Test - Helmut Daller, Jeanine Treffers-Daller, Aylin Ünaldi-Ceylan, Cemal Yildiz.

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