A new name in Monsonia

Walker, Colin (2008). A new name in Monsonia. CactusWorld, 26(4) pp. 248–249.

URL: http://www.cactusworld.org.uk/journal.php


The genus Sarcocaulon (DC.) Sweet has generally been accepted as distinct from Monsonia L. since it was first separated from it in 1826. For succulent enthusiasts this distinction is quite convenient, because the small genus of 14 species (Moffett, 1979) contains a group of readily identifiable succulents, characterised by having more or less woody succulent stems that are often spiny. A key feature resides in the stem composition, with the hard, shiny bark being impregnated with flammable waxes, giving rise to the common name of “Bushman’s Candle”.

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