A novel user interface for musical timbre design

Seago, Allan; Holland, Simon and Mulholland, Paul (2010). A novel user interface for musical timbre design. In: Audio Engineering Society 128th Convention, Audio Engineering Society, London, article no. 8140.

URL: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=15436


The complex and multidimensional nature of musical timbre is a problem for the design of intuitive interfaces for sound synthesis. A useful approach to the manipulation of timbre involves the creation and subsequent navigation or search of n-dimensional coordinate spaces or timbre spaces. A novel timbre space search strategy is proposed, based on weighted centroid localization (WCL). The methodology and results of user testing of two versions of this strategy in three distinctly different timbre spaces are presented and discussed. The paper concludes that this search strategy offers a useful means of locating a desired sound within a suitably configured timbre space.

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