Handling instance coreferencing in the KnoFuss architecture

Nikolov, Andriy; Uren, Victoria; Motta, Enrico and De Roeck, Anne (2008). Handling instance coreferencing in the KnoFuss architecture. In: 1st international workshop on Identity and Reference on the Semantic Web (IRSW2008) - at ESWC-08, 1 Jun 2008, Tenerife, Spain.

URL: http://sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/Publicati...


Finding RDF individuals that refer to the same real-world entities but have different URIs is necessary for the efficient use of data across sources. The requirements for such instance-level integration of RDF data are different from both database record linkage and ontology schema matching scenarios. Flexible configuration and reuse of different methods is needed to achieve good performance. Our data integration architecture, called KnoFuss, implements a component-based approach, which allows flexible selection and tuning of methods and takes the ontological schemata into account to improve the reusability of methods.

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