Elaboration and verification of a PTS model

Martins, Geraldo de P.; Terra, Jose L.; Di Lorenzo, Roberto; Pirfo, Soraia B. and Mansur, Tanius R. (1997). Elaboration and verification of a PTS model. In: IAEA Specialist’s Meeting on Methodology for Pressurized Thermal Shock Evaluation, 5-8 May 1997, Esztergom, Hungary.

URL: http://www.iaea.org/inis/collection/NCLCollectionS...


This work concerns to pressurises thermal shock (PTS) phenomena, it is rapid cooldown of the primary system by low temperature water injection from the emergency core cooling system (ECCS). To assess the effect of a PTS event calculations and experimental work are equally necessary. The purpose of the present was to prepare the PTS analysis of Angra II RPV located near to Rio de Janeiro. This paper presents the method and the results of the calculations used to design an optimal RPV model. Keywords. PTS modelling, stress and temperature distribution, RPV.

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