Values congruence: more salient to social networking than to fit

Godrich, Stephen G. (2010). Values congruence: more salient to social networking than to fit. In: 4th Global e-Conference on Fit, 8-9 Dec 2010.



This developmental paper looks at the issue of values congruence and the extent to which it evidences fit (for example P-O, P-G, P-P fit) or is more salient when identifying a social network which might be a more relevant construct for employees in the workplace. It takes a brief look at the background to the interaction debate as a foundation for the argument that value congruence is key to building relationships between individuals. The debate is brought up to date with a discussion of Edwards and Cable’s 2009 paper which puts the case for the value in value congruence in determining employee behaviour. This paper, however, seeks to question the extent to which values congruence is more important to individuals at work in terms of their fit (on whatever level) or in terms of their social network (which might underpin a sense of ‘not misfitting’) which might be key for many employees. The paper goes on to consider the implications for fit research in the light of salience of social network theory.

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