Organizational fit: the value of values congruence…in context

Godrich, Stephen G. (2010). Organizational fit: the value of values congruence…in context. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 14-16 Sep 2010, Sheffield, University of Sheffield.



This developmental paper looks at the issue of value congruence as being a key driver of fit between individuals in work and the organizations they work for (PO fit). It takes a brief look at the background to the interaction debate as a foundation for the argument that value congruence is key to establishing PO fit and, ultimately, as a predictor of employee behaviour. The debate is brought up to date with a discussion of Edwards and Cable’s 2009 paper which puts the case for the value in value congruence in determining employee behaviour. This paper, however, extends the argument by identifying that value congruence between individuals and organizations is too generic. It goes on to propose that the real value of value congruence is when that value congruence is put into context – whether the basis of congruence is founded upon, for example, demography, vocation and/or geographic congruence. Furthermore, it is only when value congruence is assessed using a more localised interpretation of organizational values against a more localised set of individuals’ values that real benefit in congruence can be determined and a more robust prediction in employee behaviours and outcomes can be established.

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