Children and Young people, Social Work and Scotland

McPhail, Mo (2006). Children and Young people, Social Work and Scotland. In: Mooney, Gerry; Sweeney, Tony and Law, Alex eds. Social Care, health and Welfare in Contemporary Scotland. Paisley, U.K.: Kynoch & Blaney.



About the book:
This exciting new textbook offers an engaging, comprehensive and accessible coverage of many of the key social policy-making areas in Scotland. Each of the chapters provides a detailed outline of the history, key policy developments, innovations and practices and an informed discussion of their impact on different groups in Scottish society. The chapters are linked by a shared consideration of the ways in which these policies either reinforce or address issues of exclusion and disadvantage. Chapters address pertinent issues in areas such as poverty, health, social policy, criminal justice, class divisions, urban policy, child welfare, care of older adults, learning disability, work and welfare, family, education and ideology.

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