Co-creating learning: tutor perspectives of practice-based learning

Reid, Kristen (2010). Co-creating learning: tutor perspectives of practice-based learning. In: 4th Open-CETL Conference, 15-16 Dec 2009, Milton Keynes, uk.



Practice-based pedagogies or ‘learning-centred approaches’ involve co-created learning experiences between teachers and students (Dehler & Edmonds, 2006). These experiences require a different teaching role than that of the traditional teacher-student relationship. Ramsey (2008) discusses this as the ‘paraclete’ role, and Raelin (1997) sets this learning within a ‘community of practice’ in his ‘action learning’ model. Nevertheless, there is still a substantial range in how educators perceive their roles with students, especially in the distance learning environment of the OU. Whilst course teams may design courses and provide initial tutor briefings to engage tutors in a particular form of work-based learning, the decisions of day-today interaction and pedagogical strategy are largely decided by individual tutors.
This project sought to explore the experiences and understanding of work-based learning from the perspective of OU tutors on a Level 1 work-based learning course in the The Open University Business School: BU130: Working and Learning. The project’s collective-inquiry and action research methodology allowed for the development of a shared understanding of work-based learning pedagogies, which can inform the development of practice-based courses both in the OU and in other higher education institutions.

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