Music, time and place: Essays in comparative musicology

Clayton, Martin (2007). Music, time and place: Essays in comparative musicology. Delhi, India: B. R. Rhythms.




1. Introduction

I Time and rhythm
2. Metre and tal in North Indian music
3. Two gat forms for the sitar: a case study in the rhythmic analysis of North Indian music
4. Culture, cognition and additive rhythm: a comparative case study
5. Free rhythm: ethnomusicology and the study of music without metre
6. Experiencing Indian music
7. In time with the music: the significance of entrainment for music research

II The history of comparative musicology
8. Ethnographic wax cylinders at the British Library National Sound Archive
9. A. H. Fox Strangways and the Music of Hindostan: Revisiting historical field recordings

III Beyond the East-West divide
10. Rock to raga: the many lives of the Indian guitar
11. 'You can't fuse yourself': Contemporary British-Asian music and the musical expression of identity
12. From difference to fusion: constructions of Indian and Western music
13. Sound and symbol? The Indian in music
14. Towards a theory of musical meaning (in India and elsewhere)
15. Comparing music, comparing musicology

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