Promoting an inclusive music classroom

Cooke, Carolyn (2011). Promoting an inclusive music classroom. In: Spruce, Gary; Beech, Nick and Evans, Julie eds. Making Music in the Primary School: Whole Class Instrumental and Vocal Teaching. London: Routledge, pp. 33–44.



At the heart of the Wider Opportunities Programme is a fundamental belief that musical education should be inclusive. Creating an inclusive classroom requires teachers to develop and maintain a sophisticated relationship with, and knowledge of, their pupils. This includes levels of achievement and educational needs but above all, it requires knowledge of pupils as musicians, including not only their instrumental and vocal skills but also the musical cultures and activities they are involved in both in, and out of school.

Successful inclusion occurs when teachers use this knowledge to personalise the musical learning, provide engaging musical encounters, and create and manage the environment so all pupils are able to learn effectively.

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