Women and the anti-globalisation movement

Mac Sheoin, Tomas and Yeates, Nicola (2010). Women and the anti-globalisation movement. In: Dasgupta, Samir; Braun, Yvonne; Driskell, Robyn and Yeates, Nicola eds. Women's Encounters with Globalization. London: Frontpage.

URL: http://frontpagepublications.com/women-encounter-w...


This paper examines the marginalisation of women and women’s issues within both reformist and radical wings of the anti-globalisation movement (AGM). It documents the marginalisation of women’s issues, analyses and representation in both the World Social Forum and European Social Forum. Similar problems are reported with the radical and anarchist wings of the AGM, both of which fail to provide safe spaces for women. We argue that the AGM needs to integrate both women and women’s issues into the movement against neoliberalism as neoliberalism targets women and women’s struggles are central to the struggle against neoliberalism.

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