Ion microprobe U-Pb dating of phosphates in lunar basaltic meteorites

Terada, K.; Sasaki, Y.; Oka, Y.; Tanabe, A.; Fujikawa, N.; Tanikawa, S.; Sano, Y.; Anand, M. and Taylor, L. A. (2008). Ion microprobe U-Pb dating of phosphates in lunar basaltic meteorites. In: 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 10-14 Mar 2008, League City, Texas, USA.



Most studies of lunar rocks and soils have been conducted on samples collected by the Apollo and Luna missions, but these represent samples from near-equatorial regions of the near side of the Moon. However, recent discoveries of lunar meteorites, which have been blasted off the Moon only to land in the hot desserts and Antarctic ice fields of Earth, have provided great impetus to lunar science. These meteorites provide potentially new insights into the petrologic history of unexplored regions of the Moon, including some as distant as the far-side. In spite of their scientific value, chronological studies of lunar meteorites have been difficult, since most of them are complex breccias, and in some cases, their radiometric “clocks” typically have been disturbed by
subsequent impact events.

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