Searle, Rosalind and Skinner, Denise (2011). Introduction. In: Searle, Rosalind and Skinner, Denise eds. Trust And Human Resource Management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 3–17.



In this book we have drawn together chapters which we believe contribute to our understanding of this relationship. We have invited a variety of scholars to reflect on the relationship between trust and HRM as they have explored it in the context of their research. Within the chapters the relationship is considered from two distinct perspectives: the way in which a particular aspect of HRM practice does, or might, influence trust in the organization, and alternatively how trust might influence the choices and the effectiveness of HRM practices. (The nature of these relationships is summarized later in this chapter, and of course elaborated in further detail in the subsequent chapters.)
Our starting point here is to indicate the importance of HRM as a context for studying trust in organizations. We begin by introducing what we conceptualize as a cycle of HRM. This provides the organizational structure for the book. We then raise a number of what we feel are important issues for readers to consider. We highlight the importance not just of policy area choice and its precise content, but also how the ways in which such policies are enacted can promote or reduce levels of trust within the employing organization. We then discuss how the HRM function itself
may influence organizational trust, before considering factors in the external context which may also have an effect including: globalization and the resultant constraint of choice, the wider media coverage of trust and previous experiences which may sensitize the employee to the salience of trust within an employment context. Finally, we provide a brief overview of each of the chapters identifying the main themes, but also reflecting the way that they approach the relationship between trust and HRM.

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