If I am woman, who are 'they'? The construction of 'other' feminisms

Capdevila, R.; Ciclitira, K.; Lazard, L. and Marzano, L. (2006). If I am woman, who are 'they'? The construction of 'other' feminisms. Psychology of Women Section Review, 8(2) pp. 1–13.

URL: http://www.bps.org.uk/pows/review/review_home.cfm


Characterizations of feminist identities are presented, represented and, arguably, misrepresented within current public debates and popular media. Issues of sameness and difference have come to the fore as both timely and politically relevant. This paper aims to address issues arising from engagement with feminisms, in particular those which we experience as 'other' but which, concurrently, resonate with many of our concerns. Conflicting views revolve around the viability of constructing stable political identities for women who elect to include the term 'feminist' in their selfdescription. These debates become increasingly complex when contextualized within relative power positionings of knowledge production in differing arenas. Drawing on the literature around the legitimization of gender and political identities, the authors reflect in this paper on the possibilities of engaging with these identities, both in our capacity of 'others', but also as individuals whose theoretical positioning resonates with the issues under consideration.

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