Youth in Context: Frameworks, Settings and Encounters

Robb, Martin ed. (2007). Youth in Context: Frameworks, Settings and Encounters. London: Sage.



Youth in Context: Frameworks, Settings and Encounters offers a critical and up-to-date overview of the theoretical and practical issues involved in work with young people. It helps readers situate current practice issues within the context of a rapidly changing field, and demonstrates how critical reflection can be used as a tool to transform individual and collective practice.

The book is divided into three parts:

" Part 1 provides conceptual tools for understanding changing policy and practice in relation to young people.

" Part 2 considers the changing contexts in which work with young people takes place.

" Part 3 explores the diverse ways in which services for young people are planned and organised.

The book offers a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the changing experience of work with young people, presenting complex issues in an accessible and interactive way. It will be essential reading for students on courses in youth work, youth studies, education, social work and social policy, and for professionals working with young people in a wide range of settings. Together with its companion volume, Understanding Youth: Perspectives, Identities and Practices it is a core text for The Open University's third level undergraduate course Youth: Perspectives and Practice (KE308).

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