AudioGPS: spatial audio in a minimal attention interface

Holland, Simon and Morse, David R. (2001). AudioGPS: spatial audio in a minimal attention interface. In: Third International Workshop on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices, 10 Sep 2001, Lille, France.



In this paper we consider a prototype audio user interface for a Global Positioning System (GPS) that is designed to allow mobile computer users to carry out a location task while their eyes, hands and attention are often otherwise engaged. Audio user interfaces for GPS have typically been
designed to meet the needs of visually handicapped users, and generally (though not exclusively) employ speech-audio. In this paper, we consider a prototype audio GPS user interface designed primarily for sighted mobile computer users who may have to attend simultaneously to other tasks, and who may be holding conversations at the same time. The system is considered in the context of being one component of a user interface for mobile computer users. The prototype system uses a simple form of spatial audio. Various candidate audio mappings of location and distance information are analysed. A variety of tasks, design considerations, technological opportunities and design trade-offs are considered. Preliminary findings are reported. Opportunities for improvements to the system, and future empirical testing are explored.

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