Personalised multimedia summaries

Dolbear, Cathy; Hobson, Paola; Vallet, David; Fernandez, Miriam; Cantadorz, Iván and Castellsz, Pablo (2008). Personalised multimedia summaries. In: Kompatsiaris, Yiannis and Hobson, Paola eds. Semantic Multimedia and Ontologies. London: Springer, pp. 165–183.



In this chapter we will introduce an example of the application of semantic multimedia technologies to personalisation, and specifically to the creation of personalised summaries of multimedia content. Personalisation, in its simplest definition, is technology which enables a system to match available content, applications and user interaction modalities to a user's stated and learned preferences. In a multimedia context, the objective of personalisation is to enable content offerings to be closely targeted to the user's wishes, which can be achieved via methods such as content filtering, which selects content appropriate to a user's preferences from a set of available content, and recommendation which proposes content to a user based on various criteria which may include the user's previous acceptance of related content or on the consumption of related content by a peer group.

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