Cultural connections: Lagaan and its audience responses

Stadtler, Florian (2007). Cultural connections: Lagaan and its audience responses. In: Bainbridge, Emma ed. Connecting Cultures. ThirdWorlds. Routledge.



Over the past few years, South Asian culture has crossed over into the mainstream as never before with fusion projects across various genres as well as Bollywood films enjoying considerable success at the UK box office.
Focusing on the Bollywood hit Lagaan, this article will examine how directors play with the tested Bollywood formula in order to generate a broader appeal not only within India but increasingly across the globe. The film raises serious issues and questions about the nature of a globalised world since, for many years, globalisation has been regarded as a euphemism for Western cultural domination. Indeed, must we not re-examine this in the light of increasing South Asian influences penetrating mainstream culture and argue that globalisation allows these influences to travel backwards and forwards, threatening the perceived pre-eminence of Western popular culture?

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