Prostate cancer, treatment modalities and complications: an evaluation of the scientific literature

David Santos-Filho, S; De Souza da Fonseca, A; Emmanuel, A; Missailidis, Sotiris and Bernardo-Filho, M (2008). Prostate cancer, treatment modalities and complications: an evaluation of the scientific literature. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, 51 pp. 51–57.



Prostate (PR) cancer (CA) is one of the most common malignant neoplasms in men all over the world. In general, if prostate cancer (PC) is detected early, treatment usually involves either surgical removal of the prostate or radiotherapy (RT). Hormone Therapy (HT) or chemotherapy (CH) is the preferred treatment for more advanced cases of PC or if CA spreads beyond the PT. A number of complications, such as urinary incontinence (IU) or erectile dysfunction (ED), can be associated with some modalities of treatment of the PC. The aim of this work is to evaluate, in PubMed, the number of publications related with prostate cancer and the main modalities of treatment, as well as some clinical complications. The searches were performed in PubMed ( in the period 1950 to 2008 using the words: (i) CA, (ii) CA and PR or penis or testis, (iii) CA and PR and RT, CA and PR and surgery (SU), CA and PR and CH and, CA and PR and HT and (iv) CA and PR and RT and IU or ED, CA and PR and SU and IU or ED, CA and PR and CH and IU or ED and, CA and PR and HT and CH and IU or ED, and (V) PC and the same modalities of treatment. The data was obtained on July 20th, 2008. PC, as expected has been cited extensively and surgery has been identified as the most widely referenced modality of treatment. Furthermore, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are important complications that have attracted significant scientific interest. In conclusion, these findings have shown the relevance of the PubMed to analyze quantitatively the publications in cancer and this information could be worthwhile in aiding the comprehension of some clinical aspects related with PC, as well as the development of preventative actions. The analysis of the scientific interest, considering the number of publications in the PubMed, reveals research trends in the field and demonstrates the importance of the surgical procedures in the treatment of the prostate cancer. Moreover, this finding is relevant due to the fact that surgery is the treatment of choice when early detection of PC is achieved. However, it is important to consider clinical complications related to such procedures, such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunctions that can reduce the quality of life of the patient.

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